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Money in 3rd Class

We have been having lots of fun with Money this week in Maths. We transformed our class points into cash so now when we have enough points for a prize we go to the Dojo Shop to buy them. We pay the shopkeepers and they give us back our change. Then, th…

Maths Games in Junior Infants

Maths Games in Junior Infants

We played different maths games recently to practice turn taking, counting, matching, memorising, comparing and winning and losing graciously.

3D shapes in 1st Class

We have been busy in 1st class learning about 3D shapes. We learned the names of shapes such as cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder. we also learned about their properties. We did some active learning to find out how many faces, edges and corners each sh…


In 1st Class we have been working hard learning about length, using a variety of tools to measure objects around the classroom. We used a metre stick, rulers, paper clips, books, lollipop sticks, cubes, counters and lots more to take measurements.

Shapes in the Environment

Today we went outside to find examples of different shapes. We found lots of rectangles, squares, circles and semi-circles but not many triangles. There were lots of large shapes on the basketball court that we could all stand on and walk around.

Maths Trail in Junior Infants

Junior infants had great fun doing a maths trail today. Thanks to 4th class for all their help!  

Maths Week Quizzes

Maths Week Quizzes

We had two Math Quizzes in the hall on Thursday as part of Maths Week.  The teams were all mixed, with children from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th all being on teams together.  Ms Geraghty, Ms Donnellan, Ms Ferguson and Mr Brown’s classes took part in the first quiz. Ms Carmody, Ms Walsh, Ms McNicholas … Continue reading Maths Week Quizzes

Junior Infants Learning Log

Junior Infants have had a busy few weeks in their classroom. Last week they learned all about the produce that a farm can grow and opened their own shop to sell all the fruit and vegetables! They also began using … Continue reading

Maths Week Puzzle – from

Maths Week Puzzle – from

Can you figure out the answer? Check on the Maths Week website for the solution!

Maths Week – Jokes

Why was the number 6 afraid of the number 7? (Because 7 ate 9)
Why was the snake so good at math? (He was an Adder!)
How do you make 7 even? (Take away the s!)
Why didn’t the quarter roll down the hill with the nickel? (Because it had more cents.)
What shape is like a lost parrot? (A polygon!)
What becomes smaller when … Continue reading Maths Week – Jokes

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