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Agri Aware in Junior Infants

Junior Infants started the Agri Aware programme today. It was great fun. We planted carrots, chives. spinach, strawberries, potatoes, lettuce  and turnips. It was really interesting to see the different seeds and to see how plants grow differently.

Aistear – Animal Theme

We started a new theme in aistear today. For our role play area we made a pet shop, it’s a special pet shop with monkeys and giraffes! We are acting out the Chicken Licken story for the small world area. We also can create stories around the farm…

Senior Infants are having great fun growing plants!

We planted cress, peas and spinach seeds.  We looked after them very well and made sure our plants got enough water and sunlight.  We are also enjoying learning about biodiversity.

Science fun in Junior Infants

Everyone in junior infants made their own car. We used egg cartons, straws and bottle caps. We proved how important it is to wear seat belts. We had a car race with some characters wearing seat belts and some not. It was great fun!

Growing Fun in Junior Infants!

Junior infants planted cress seeds. We are so happy to see them growing!

Exploring STEAM

Exploring STEAM

Today we have been working on STEAM projects such as Makey Makey, Ardruino, 3Doodle, WeDo 2.0 and robot kits.
Each group was given a different project to explore and we have created resources in our OneNote to share when we swap … Continue reading

Skype in the Classroom with Jennifer Nolan of OPS

Skype in the Classroom with Jennifer Nolan of OPS

Today we took part in Skype in the Classroom with Jennifer Nolan of the Ocean Preservation Society in Maine, USA.

We learnt so much about sea turtles, sharks and why it is so important to preserve marine life for the future. … Continue reading

Young Scientists !

Young Scientists !

Thank you to Emily and Lucy from Ardgillan Community College for presenting their BT Young Scientist project to Ms. Walsh’s 4th class.
Emily and Lucy’s project was about the use of micro plastics in facial washes.
They were very informative and answered lots of questions. They were deleighted to hear all about Ms Walsh’s class project which … Continue reading Young Scientists ! 2018-01-17 14:26:45

We are Squishies, a company set up as part of the Junior Entrepeneur programme for 6th class. Thursday and Friday this week we are holding a business fair where you can buy lots of great goods and services including our stress relieving squishies. We l… 2018-01-17 14:23:01

Lemonade We are from 6th class and we are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Program. we have to come up a business idea and make an add. Our company is Squeezies and we make /sell delicious and fresh lemonade. they will be on sale on 18th Thursday…

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