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India Projects

India Projects

We recently completed group projects on various elements of Indian culture, following our teacher’s trip to Kolkata last summer. Each group researched and presented on a particular aspect of Indian culture such as food, religions and customs, clothing and festivals, animals, traditions, sports and languages, famous people. We learnt a lot of thing we did … Continue reading India Projects

Other Countries by Second Class

Other Countries by Second Class

We studied different countries. We learned all about India and the Taj Mahal. We dressed up in Indian costumes and did projects on Indian culture. We also learned about other famous world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Great Wall o…

Clontuskert in National Geographic

Clontuskert in National Geographic

St. Augustine’s NS Clontuskert has been mentioned in the National Geographic as part of the international Climate Action Project #ClimateActionP We have been representing Ireland in this project and collaborating with 250 other schools globally to action change against global … Continue reading

Climate Action Workshop with Dr. Anne Dolan

Climate Action Workshop with Dr. Anne Dolan

Today the students in the Senior Room participated in a Climate Action Workshop with Dr. Anne Dolan. Anne is a lecturer in primary Geography in Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. Mary Immaculate is a Teacher Training college where primary teachers … Continue reading

Ocean Projects, Green-Schools Theme

Check out our Ocean Projects by senior classes

European Projects

In geography we learned about France’s culture, religion, population, cuisine, famous landmarks such as the Eifell Tower and l’Arc de Triomphe as well as France’s lakes rivers and seas. We also learned about some of France’s history such as the Renaissance period, famous artwork such as the Mona Lisa which is in the Louvre in … Continue reading European Projects

Mystery Skype

Today we had a Mystery Skype in school. This is where our teachers organise a Skype Call with another teacher’s class through the Microsoft Educator Community. Each class asks questions and researches on the go to work out where the … Continue reading

Wind Socks

During our topic on weather. We made wind socks and took them outside to test them in different areas. “On the basketball court we could tell the way the wind was blowing” Sarah “We went onto the infant yard, it was strong and it was blowing our wind socks really high” Jack “You could tell it was strong because of the height the wind
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Show and Tell

Today the Junior room brought in their favourite toys to school. We enjoyed our “Show and Tell” session

Summer 2016

Here are some fun games to play during the summer. Our holidays start on Thursday 30th of June at 12.30pm and we return to school on Thursday 1st of September 2016 at 9.00am. Happy holidays!
Download our calendar for 2016/2017 here.

Fun for the Summer:
Maths Games:
Multiplication Times Tables Practice:
Multiplication Math Games

Junior/Senior Infants:…
Mental Maths:
Word Problems:…
Memory Games:…
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