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Show and Tell

Today the Junior room brought in their favourite toys to school. We enjoyed our “Show and Tell” session

Summer 2016

Here are some fun games to play during the summer. Our holidays start on Thursday 30th of June at 12.30pm and we return to school on Thursday 1st of September 2016 at 9.00am. Happy holidays!
Download our calendar for 2016/2017 here.

Fun for the Summer:
Maths Games:
Multiplication Times Tables Practice:
Multiplication Math Games

Junior/Senior Infants:…
Mental Maths:
Word Problems:…
Memory Games:…
Number [...]

Multicultural Report, June 2016

June 19th  was our designated Annual International Day in Scoil Naomh Bríd, Culleens. This year it was different in that it was a fundraiser for our new school and involved other fun activities as well as food stalls. It took place on Sunday as opposed to a school day and had the added dimension of [...]

Tech Week – Map Game

You can click on the link to play our geography map quest game. You have to find locations and collect gold coins.
Game – Map Quest


Antarctica is the coldest place in the world .
Antarctica is a remote land situated over 1,000 km from South America and over 2,400 km from New Zealand.
Over 99 per cent of the island is covered by ice, and seventy per cent of the the worlds fresh water is frozen.
If all this ice melted the sea [...]

Mexico By Reuben & Josh

The population of Mexico is 112 million. The capital city of Mexico is Mexico City. The population is 8.8 million. The most popular sport in Mexico is soccer and Mexico held the 1970 and 1968 world cup. The Paricutin volcano in Mexico erupted on February 20th 1943. It continued erupting for eight years and grew [...]

Geography Projects- The 32 Counties

We presented our projects last week. We each did a project on a county from one of the four provinces.

5 ways in how China is different to Ireland

1.China has more land
2.China has ten million people.
3.Chinese people eat a lot off rice
4.The weather
5.They speak mandarin
1.Ireland has less land
2.We have four million people
3.We eat some potatoes.
4.Are weather is a bit cold
5. Are real language…

Our Projects on Greece

Our Projects on Greece

We produced some wonderful projects on the country of Greece! All the children worked really hard and it was very difficult to pick a winner!! We all learned loads about Greece and are already looking forward to our next project after Christmas! 

The Wind.

The Wind.

As part of our topic on the wind, we looked at wind strength and direction. We made windsocks and windmills and took them to different parts of the school grounds on different days. From the photographs you can see which way the wind was blowing and how strongly it was blowing on the different days. Just for fun we ran up and down the
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