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Ombudsman for Children Visits Little Angels

We were honoured and delighted, this week, to welcome Dr. Niall Muldoon, the Ombudsman for Children to Little Angels School. 

As a school we are always trying to raise awareness of the rights of the child and trying to instil that awareness in ou…

Our Trip to Castlecomer Discovery Park

Today we went to Castlecomer Discovery Park.First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class all went together with Ms Carroll, Mrs Dunphy and Jackie. We learned about fresh water ecology and we found lots of interesting creatures in the river. … Continue reading

Maths Week in Mr. Diver’s Class

Lots of Maths going on in Mr. Diver’s Junior Cert. class this week. The children are working hard on their Maths targets, counting, addition, matching, carving shapes and telling the time. So lovely to see practical Maths through cookery too. Everyone …

Maths for Fun in 3rd & 4th

Maths for Fun in 3rd & 4th

To celebrate Maths Week, Ms. McGauran’s 3rd and 4th Class did our first session of Maths for Fun. Thank you to all the parents that have made themselves available for this initiative. It is a lovely chance for parents to be involved in the children’s Maths learning and for the children to see how useful [...]

Parke’s Castle Tour

Parke’s Castle Tour

The review of Parkes castle by Tadhg and Zack We went on a school tour to Parke’s Castle on the 18th of September. Before we went to Parks castle we watched a few a few videos and did a bit of studying about the castle with teacher. When we arrived our tour guide brought us into the courtyard where we got to go on
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