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How to post week 11

1.  Ensure you edit and use spellcheck. 2. Write the  heading  – Week 11 100 wc  and name. 3.  Tick the correct Categories 100wc and English. Publish. 4. Go to the week 11 on www.100wc.net on a new page.   and complete the form. Post Link – Open YOUR post, copy and paste the address […]

’Greetings humans of Earth…’

100 wc week 11 Múinteoir Doireann You have a beautiful world, please enjoy it and look after it. You have beautiful animals, please allow them to live in their own natural habitat and to enjoy their lives to the full. You are beautiful, magical creatures with hearts created to love and embrace your beautiful world. […]

How to post Week 11

1. When you have completed your final draft of the 100WC you open a word document and type out your piece. Ensure you edit and use spellcheck. 2. Ensure you underline the prompt and/or use another colour or bold font. 3. Copy and paste into a new post on our class blog. (right click) 4. […]

100wc Week 18 May Eleanor Rang Esther

Once there were pyjamas that had a lot of stripes on them they were orange and white .one night a boy called Jack bought the pyjamas in the shop .Then one night there was silence but all of a sudden there was a huge rage of thunder .When Jack looked out the window there was […]

week#18 Attracta Lillian Orlaith

One day John went to school in his pajamas because he thought it would be funny. When he arrived all of his friends asked him why was he in his pajamas. He told them why. Then they herd thunder so they went into the classroom. The teacher said silence! She was not happy with John. […]


Once upon a time I woke up. I heard something out side. Before I went outside I was very hungry so I grabbed an orange .I opened the door and there was thunder. I saw something walking towards me. I didn’t know what it was. When it got closer I know what it was it […]

Simon James 100wc Week 18

YouTube Story One night a dude in orange and white pyjamas named Stampy was in his lovely world when he saw a black portal. He and his dog Gregory Jr went in and saw the Popularmmos arena for their challenge games. He saw Pat and Jen fighting a mutant creeper. When they finished Jen said […]

Rose Cerys

The Orange Pyjamas   The teacher was telling us the legend of “The Orange Pyjamas”.  The title made the story sound boring, alas the story was OK.  This is the story: A long time ago, there were very special orange pyjamas. One day a little boy swam during a thunder storm to get to the […]

100 wc week 18

Odd day at school . Today was so weird, so my teacher came in to school today in a mess . Let me sum it up, she came in wearing orange pyjamas . She swam here during a thunder storm . Silence struck us when she came in . Some of us sniggered. She said […]

Fox Cora 100wc Week #18

One day I was walking home and heard thunder I started to run by the time I got home I wanted to get into my pyjamas. The sky looked orange. When I woke up there was silence in the house. I said I might go for a swim. I swam for about an hour. Then […]

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