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First class made Milk Carton Halloween Lanterns

Recycling our milk cartons we made Ghoul Halloween Lanterns! 

1st class sherriffs are in town!

1st class sherriffs are in town!

First Class are taking part in the RSA Seatbelt Campaign.The children learned about the safety of wearing a seatbelt. They will take part in a poster competition to try and win 2000 euro!  

First Class and the skeleton

First class drew around a group member and then placed the names of bones where they think they went. We then discussed where they actually are in the body. We learned funny names of some bones in the body! It was great fun.

1st class visit to the Botanic Gardens on National Tree Day

We had a super day at the Botanic Gardens for National Tree Day. We visited the ‘Champion Tree’ which is 170 years old and has very hard bark for protection against disease, the Cork Oak tree, the Giant Oak, a willow and an ash tree. We als…

First class searching for 2D shapes

Today we went searching for 2D shapes around school today. We had great fun finding shapes were we least expected! 

Green Schools Energy committee!

Green Schools Energy committee!

Welcome back to last year’s Litter and Waste committee, who have moved onto the challenge of the Energy Green Flag. We’re delighted that every member of this dedicated group really wanted to stay on the committee and they’re looking forward to making big changes to our energy consumption in St. Peter’s. So far, Carl and […]

1st & 2nd class School tour to Fort Lucan

1st & 2nd class had a super time in Fort Lucan yesterday. We were blessed with fantastic weather and had the water slides to cool us down! 

Summer in 1st class

Over the past month we have been very busy in 1st class. We went on a summer walk, where we saw different signs of summer. We also had a drama workshop on the theme of animals in the jungle which we really enjoyed. We did experiments testing different …

Minibeast hunt

We had great fun in 1st class hunting for minibeasts in the playground. We spotted lots of different insects in the grass, under the window sills, on the playground and in the soil. We saw snails, bumble bees, earthworms, woodlouse, spiders and ants. W…

First Class and Static Electricity

First Class and Static Electricity

First Class have been learning all about static electricity this week in Science. Firstly we talked about the difference between static electricity and current electricity. The children shared times when they experienced static electricity like when they touched a hand rail and got a shock or heard crackling noises when they took off woolly jumpers. […]

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