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Incredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles

We are all growing spinach, turnip, potato, chives, strawberries, carrots and lettuce at school. There will be a great harvest from the 2nd,3rd and 4th Classes!

Fighting Words!

On Monday the 23rd of April we went to a Fighting Word’s workshop. When we arrived we had to get name stickers and our photos taken by Colm. Then we had to go through a secret door, we made up a password to enter. Our password was Billy Bob Jr. A…

Soil Erosion Experiment

In 4th class room 6 we have set up an experiment to see the effect that different situations have on soil. We have three plastic bottles which we cut open. We filled each with soil. One we left with just soil, the next we put bark, leaves and sticks on…

Our peas and spinach plants have gone home!

Our peas and spinach plants have been growing very well. They are now ready to go home where we will repot them and continue to look after them.

Eggs Experiment

In Room 6 we are looking at the effect of different drinks on egg shells. We put egg shells in water, orange cordial and coke. Egg shells are made from minerals just like our teeth.  These minerals will begin to dissolve if exposed to acid. S…

Happy Easter from room 6!

Look at our lovely Easter cards. Happy Easter to everyone!

4th class cress goes home!

Our cress seeds have grown and we are very proud of them. We are bringing them home today. As we took them off the window sill we noticed that they were growing to one side. We know that this is because they were growing towards the light of the sun!

Acrobatic Clowns in 4th class

We have been investigating and experimenting in 4th class. We used a  template make paper and  cardboard clowns.  We tried to balance them on their noses. This was difficult. We attached coins or Blu-tac and that lowered the centre …

Germinating seeds in 4th class

We planted seeds in 4th class. We planted cress, peas and spinach. The cress took only a couple of days to germinate. The peas and spinach will take up to a week to germinate. We have been learning how seeds germinate and what they need to grow in…

Mother’s Day 4th Class

We made tissue paper flowers for Mother’s Day. We hope all the mothers had an enjoyable day last Sunday and we hope you liked our flowers!

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