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Visit from the Mobile Library

Visit from the Mobile Library

We enjoyed our second visit from the Fingal County Council Mobile Library service this week. We changed our books and borrowed two lovely class sets of books. We got a set of Historopedia (Fatti and John Burke) and also a set of  Irish Fairy Tales and Legends (Una Leavy). We can’t wait for next month’s … Continue reading Visit from the Mobile Library

Champions League of Novels in 6th Class

Champions League of Novels in 6th Class

This week Mr. Quinn announced that we would be voting for our favourite novel we have read this year in sixth class. We have read four books this year. The first book we read was Wonder by RJ Palacio. The theme of this book bullying. The main character was Auggie and he was a special boy who was overcoming the struggles of middle school.
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Nursery Rhyme 11.02.2019 c/o allnurseryrhymes.com

It was heard for the first time around 1780 somewhere around Wrentham, Massachusetts. However the first published version of this traditional nursery rhyme is found in London in a children songs book called “Songs for the Nursery” that appeared in 1805. A different version of the song appears in 1810 in Gammer Gurton’ Garland aka […]

Sociodramatic play

Sociodramatic play

In these pictures we are doctors, patients, Santa, elves, cashiers, managers, customers…what will we be next month??

Jolly Phonics – Order of letter sounds

2 n,c/k,e,h,r
04.02 m,d,g,o,u
ue,er, ar

4th class Limericks

There was a boy called Bill
Who fell face first off a hill
His mam wasn’t happy
His Dad chilled in his nappy
And that was the end of Bill
By Matthew
There once was a boy called Tom
Who was killed by a bomb
His mam was sad
And so was his dad
And that was the end of Tom
By Abbie
There was a yellow … Continue reading 4th class Limericks

Nursery Rhyme 04.02.2019 c/o. All Nursery Rhymes.com

1,2,3,4,5 The song dates back to the late 18th century being published in one of the oldest children songs books collection called “Mother Goose’s Melody” in the 1760s. A longer version of the song was published only later in the 1880s, by the American nursery rhymes collector Henry Bolton. “One, two, three, four, five” Lyrics […]

The benefits of teaching nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes: are perfect first stories with a beginning, middle and end. sequencing prepare children for making predictions when reading. are a wonderful way to boost language development and build vocabulary. teach important skills for reading, writing an d spelling – rhyming, sound discrimination, blending, segmentation, phoneme manipulation. strengthen the ability of children to hear […]

Humpty Dumpty 28.01.2019

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

English picture books for 4-13 year olds – February 2019

1. Dear Zoo Rod Campbell 2. The Huge Bag of Worries Virginia Ironside 3. Prince Cinders Babette Cole 4. Click, clack, moo, cows that type Doreen Cronin 5. Peace at last Jill Muphy 6. The tiger who came to tea Judith Kerr 7. Five minutes peace Jill Murphy 8. Elmore 9. The dragon machine Helen […]

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