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Bookfair 2017

A huge Thank You to everybody who visited our School Bookfair. Thanks to your support, the school will receive approx. €320 worth of book vouchers from scholastic. Amazing! Happy reading everyone!

Na boilb agus an cabáiste

Chuir muid ár gcabáiste agus fataí san Earrach. Féach http://sninbhear.edublogs.org/2017/04/10/ag-cur-glasrai/.                                     Anois, t

End of year History Projects

  We used the Stop Motion App to make the following history stories: All this week and last week we all were doing history projects on Stop Motion. I did it on Dinosaurs. I did my project with Danny and it was about a long-neck and a t-rex. The pr…


Yesterday Declan the scientist came to our school. He showed us some cool things: he rolled a can on the floor and it came back all the way back to him. After we tried to guess what happened and nobody got it right. Then he told us how he said there wa…

Declan from Science Ireland

The last day we had a man called Declan come to our school. Declan is a scientist. He did lots of things with us. He usually tricked us to believing one thing when it actual something else is happening. He showed us that there is more sugar in a can of…

An Chéad Comaoineach

        Rinne na páistí i Rang a Dó a gCéad Comaoineach ag an deireadh seachtaine. Bhí siad go h-iontach ar fad. Bhí cupan tae deas ag gach duine tar éis an Aifrinn.

Ag an trá

                                                                    Inne chuaigh

Review of “Once” by Morris Gleitzman

The story of Once, by Morris Gleitzman, tells the tale of a Jewish boy living in Poland around the time of The Holocaust 1939-1945. (The Holocaust was a time in history where the leader of Germany was a man called Adolf Hitler. Hitler and his follo…

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